Monday, 14 October 2013

Car Battery wellness for winter seasons

Last year, more than 108,000 motorists called AAA East Central for battery-related car concerns, which are why the AAA office at 1414 12th Street, hosted a free battery wellness clinic on their parking lot, as a part of Fall Car Care month.

We are promoting the care of your battery, Tammy Hrabic, of AAA East Central, said. And we are promoting maintenance of your car. We want you to be prepared. We do free testing. If you are an AAA member, we do mobile testing. So it is main to have the battery working properly so you don’t get stranded.

Hrabic said AAA has contracted with Ted Scalf of Ted’s Towing for exclusive towing service.

They came to us as primary service provider back in 2011, but were a back up driver for us, Hrabic said. They took over the area when Knitters’ retired from the towing, and they have finished a wonderful job. They run about 700 calls a month. They perform all. All the training is provided for them. They sell batteries. They do all. We refer to them as Preferred Service Provider. They can also do police calls. They can do private calls. But they are exclusive to this motor club.


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