Friday, 19 September 2014

Towingrankings in Storey Wrecker Service Inc

Towing rankings is a premier catalog of towing services in the United States of America. We provide complete file of all towing companies in US. With over 50 years experience in the Towing Industry Storey Wrecker Service Inc is located at Tulsa city Oklahoma-74103, US. We back our promise by combine our experience with state of the art tools and skilled Tow men. Storey Wrecker Service is committed to your long-term business increase goals.


Storey Wrecker Service has received the American Tow man Ace Award. Receipt of this award is based on customer satisfaction, and service excellence. Receipt of the Ace Award puts Storey Wrecker in the top one percent of wrecker services countrywide.


53' Trailing Slide Axle Trailer
Hazmat Certified Specialists
Air bag Recovery
Livestock Removal
Heavy Recovery
Refrigerated Cargo Removal 


If your vehicle has been impound you will need the following items to found ownership in order to pick up your vehicle once you arrive at our facility:

• Title or current registration in your name and
• I.D. (Drivers License, State issued Id or passport)
• Hold release if essential
* Present insurance verification
• Please note that Insurance reporting does not prove ownership

Monday, 15 September 2014

Towing rankings USA Favorite Have duty towing company Suburban Towing

Suburban Towing increased its specific division, which originally started in 1985. With this expansion, our heavy hauling division has acquired multiple 5 to 9 axle trailers with jeeps and nitrogen stingers to accommodate super tons in states require special trailers. 

Each trailer is modular in design and features beam capability and deck extension as an added feature for customer’s supplies. Suburban Heavy Duty Hauling Division can now transport machinery and tools up to eighty tons. 

Suburban Heavy Hauling is committed to offering our customers with the quickest response times, trained operators, latest model tools, and excess liability insurance to protect your costly cargo.

Specialized Equipment

20 Specialized Hauling Trailers

• 35 ton landoll hydraulic trailers
• 40 ton landoll hydraulic trailers
• 35 ton detachable trailers (RGN)
• 50 ton detachable trailers (RGN)
• 55 ton detachable trailers (RGN)
• 60 ton detachable trailers (RGN) 3+1 axle config

16 Specialized Hauling Tractors

• 4 Tri-axle Sleeper Tractors
• 2 Tandem Axle Sleeper Tractors
• 7 Tandem Axle Day cab Tractors
• 3 Tri-axle Day cab Tractor


• State of the art dispatch with GPS Tracking
• 4.5 acres of secure storage
• Trained service technicians to keep tools and services ready
• 24/7 days services Staff to handle needs

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Towing rankings Best Companies are Nick’s Towing Service

Towing rankings Best Companies are Nick’s Towing Service The Nick’s Towing Service we recognize that if your equipment is not working for you or disabled, your revenue will be negatively impacted. We provide towing, recovery and transporting services for more commercial vehicles, including tractor trailers, straight trucks, fire or emergency vehicles, construction tools, dump trucks, buses, motors, trucks, etc. After 40 years serving in the towing and recovery business there is near nothing we have not encountered, both in equipment.


Nicholas F. Testa

John Ely

Tom Prince Jr

Marion Kelly

Brian Fitter


Light Duty Towing

Nick’s Towing Service maintains a fleet of ten flatbed tow trucks that use state of the art GPS technology and are competent of use your entire vehicle needs. We can tow any foreign or domestic vehicle big or small.

Medium Duty Towing

What began with a gas station and a tow truck has become a multi-million dollar business with 30 vehicles of all sizes to serve all class of vehicle on the road.Medium Duty towing is an extension of the philosophy of providing the right truck for the right job.

Heavy Duty Towing

We have combined our well trained, knowledgeable operators with the best towing equipment money can buy to provide you with the service you deserve. We can handle towing vehicles, up-righting rolled over trucks, load shifts, and something in between.

Truck Recovery Service

We offer 24 hour emergency recovery service, onsite tractor trailer truck repair and contract fleet services. We will work on your unit at any out of service check location. From welding services to trailer repairs, our business provides excellence services on the spot. Our business provides great workmanship for heavy gear. We’ll even travel to construction and farming sites to service all equipment makes and models! 

And full Transportation Services

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Towing rankings AAA towing company gives Free Towing Offers Labor Day special

Towing rankings AAA towing company gives Free Towing Offers Labor Day special AAA towing company knows what you did last summer. I mean, not specifically you, but all of Americans. Every year, many of us use Labor Day as an excuse to not only desist from work but to become pretty much debilitated.

While there is a drunken driving fatality every fifty minutes in the U.S, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, that number plummets to thirty four minutes during Labor Day Weekend. So for the sixteenths’ year in a row, AAA towing is offering free Tow-to-Go service for anyone who is too under the power to drive over the next three days.

So if you have had a few too many and face a trek home that is ten miles or fewer, call. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. More than 23,000 people have used the free towing service since its inception. You will be magically delivered to your doorstep, and you won't even have to worry about getting your car in the morning

And it goes without saying but, if you find yourself in the same situation more than 10 KM from home, just call a cab. Your car will still be in front of the bar tomorrow, right where you left it.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

DAVO JR Auto 24/7 Wrecker Service

DAVO JR Automotive 24/7 Wrecker- Towing Service in Columbus, GA our clients are our priority, first and foremost. This is why we work with our clients to determine their specific needs and tailor our solutions in accordance, whether it deals with wrecker service or tow truck service. We are proud to assist the Columbus, GA community. All automotive repair service comes with a 90 day warranty on parts and labor. We offer a variety of automotive repairs on all makes and models, domestic and imports.

It provides excellent service in auto repair service and towing services in Columbus, GA. Our auto repair shop works on all makes and models, (domestic and imports). Bumper to bumper car care. We offer 24 hour emergency roadside assistance as well as a full service repair facility. You can count on us for all your auto repair and towing needs. Over 20 years of automotive experience working for you !!

We offer the following services:
  • Major and minor auto repair service
  • Tune ups. Engine performance and drive ability problems with engine service soon light
  • Auto computer diagnostics
  • Auto electrical repairs and service
  • Auto towing
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Brake service including abs systems
  • 24 hour emergency towing
  • 24 hour emergency roadside assistance
  • Accept motor club service insurance'
  • Certified ASE mechanic
  • Exhaust work
  • Transmission service
  • Cooling systems
  • Radiator service
  • Suspension and steering
  • Oil change and tune ups
  • Battery sales

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Best Quality Towing Companies in USA

Almost everybody has experienced the misfortune of a vehicle breaking down. It tends to happen when you least expect it, and it is not at all fun to deal with. The normal response to these situations, mainly if you are on the road, is to call a towing service to take your vehicle to a repair shop. Other times to consider contacting an automotive towing company:

Keys Locked. A fairly common incidence, where the 1st instinct is to call a spouse or family member to bring a spare. However, a spare key is not always accessible, and a good towing company can generally respond in minutes with the tools required to fast unlock a vehicle.

Jump-Start. In these situations, a person does not need to go through the uncomfortable and potentially unsafe process of trying to solicit a jump-start from a stranger, nor do they need to walk miles to get fuel from the near gas station. Towing companies can usually fix these issues within minutes.

Tire Changing. Often times, switching out a flat tire for an extra tire is not as easy as one would think, and can be dangerous if on the side of a busy road. Calling a towing company is often the quickest and safest way to have an extra tire installed.

Semi Truck Towing. Semi Truck It's not always passenger vehicles that need help on the roadways. Some Towing Companies are ready to handle semi truck and trailer towing and recovery. There may even be more serious issues where a crane is essential to extract a large semi truck.

Load Shifting. A well ready towing service should also have the ability to realign and restack an uneven load being carried by a semi truck. 

Underwater Recovery. Not all breakdown and accidents happen on the road. A well prepared towing service will be able to reach your vehicle wherever it may have ended up.

Vehicle Auctions. Infrequently, these companies will come across vehicles that have been abandoned and need to be removed. If a person is in the market for a new vehicle, these towing auctions may be a huge place to buy at very low cost.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

City rethinking road full plan

City roads officials are re-considering whether to reduce towing cars from the street cleaning plan this year.
Andre Chabot over concerns from Calgarians that street cleaning won’t be extremely effective in the wake of a $700,000 cut to the roads department budget, acting transport GM Doug Morgan said re-introducing towing is one option being looked at.

Surely we have gone back and had a hard look at the cut to spring cleaning, said Morgan. We have had a look at how we can lessen the crash and one of the items that we discussed was maybe putting the towing back in to ensure that we have as much chance for that first pass to be effective.

Officials said last week that along with not towing cars out of the way as has been finished in years past crews will only make one pass of each neigh boyhood and not work overtime this year as part of cost saving actions. Mayor Naheed Nenshi called the decision to take the entire $700,000 cut from the spring street cleaning budget, a lot too much.

What I have heard from a lot of citizens is it’s probably a step too far, he said. I know that the roads are re-thinking their plan, seeing what they can do, in exacting they are looking at reinstate the towing so that the 1st pass you can get the full road clean and you do not have to worry about parked cars.

Nenshi said he will sit down with roads official and expects to have a decision before the next council meeting April 28.Chabot said the decision to find savings in Spring Street clear out is possibly a way of managers pushing back against the cuts. You have got to doubt sometimes when you see motherhood and apple pie stuff being future as part of a global cut. he said.

At the end of the day, I think there is enough suppleness within the budget for them to do the job we asked them to do. Morgan said it will cost $135,000 to do the towing, with $65,000 of that probable to be recovered through ticketing cars they move.