Thursday, 12 March 2015

Tow Truck accident on Digital Message Signs law for tow truck operators

We are very pleased to report progress on a request made by (WTA) Wisconsin Towing Association Chair Jamon Ingelse and Vice Chair Shawn Topel to the Department of US Transport back in December as regards the use of Digital Message Signs to promote Wisconsin’s ‘Move Over’ law for tow truck operators.

Last October, when we lost tow operator Nate Walsh, we were reminded that many drivers are not aware of the potential dangers that exist when they fail to move over for a stopped emergency vehicle and responder. Since Nate’s death, we have heard from many of you who feel more needs to be full to promote and educate drivers on the law.

The DOT shared our sentiment and has responded positively to the request of the Wisconsin Transport Association. On February 11th, a TIME Coalition meeting was held to discuss the Wisconsin Transport Association letter and request for more promotion through the on Digital Message Signs system.

We are very grateful to the Transport Department for acting so fast on this request and hope it successfully sends a message to all Wisconsin motorists to take a moment, slow down, and move over when approaching an emergency responder on the side of the road.


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