Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Great service that you have to follow before the company towing

Getting in an accident can be stressful and confusing, and a time when victims are vulnerable. Police say some tow companies jump to prey on people and it can be costly.

His garage is painted with the words "24 hour tows." His company statement boasts its "authorized tow. Even its business card says "24 hour towing services." Yet the man who says he owns inner City Automotive in East Bronx insists his company doesn't tow cars.

That's news to Ingrid Diaz-Corcino, back in December. She was in a minor accident in the Bronx.

Within seconds, she says a man show up in a tow truck, handed her an Inner City Automotive business card, offer to tow her car.

And when the NYPD showed up? Ingrid says he missing and then re-appeared after the cops left. This tow truck driver, Ingrid says pressured her not to allow the police to call another tower.

Her says Alexis told her us she let him tow it, she wouldn't pay a dime. Except it turns out the other driver had no insurance. Since Ingrid was not covered for collision, there was no insurance money to claim. But when she tried to recover her car? Ingrid says, Inner City charged her $5,000 for storage. Suddenly, she was on the hook for the tow charge and sixty two days of storage.

This why we are investigate Inner City Automotive, says Consumer Affairs Commissioner Julie Menin. Because they keep show up at the scene of accidents. And defraud customers, saying they are licensed and they are not. Inner City Automotive cannot claim to be just a repair shop they are showing up at accident scenes trying to tow people’s cars.

Inner city insists, despite the writing on the wall and their paperwork, it did not tow Ingrid's car. After we showed up, Inner City offered to take four thousand bucks off her storage fee. DCA is now mediate her complaint and attempting to get this resolved happily for her.

The big takeaway, if you are in an accident ONLY the police can call a tow company. But if you are not in an accident and you need a tow, when the tower shows check for a valid customer affairs license and a medallion. And be on the watch for rogue towers that show up at accident scenes, many are unlicensed.


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