Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Some ideas to avoid towing service scam

There is a chance that those tow truck drivers will offer services at a very high price and or may keep your car hostage until you pay high towing and recovery charge. A tow for a simple flat tire, for example, could result in a $1,300 bill for towing and recovery.

To be sure, Allstate has a vested interest in hopeful consumers to stay away from such tows since insurers may have to pay for such claims under drivers full or collision coverage. The fees.can run up to 1000$. it can certainly impact the price of insurance for everybody

We thought Allstate’s warning and tips here are some of them below.
☛ Try to use a towing operator who has been screened by your roadside assistance program.
☛ Never give a tow truck operator authorization to take your car if you or law-enforcement personnel did not call the operator.
☛ Do not provide your insurance Details to a tow truck operator.
☛ Make sure all the signs on the truck and the certification provided are the same and consistent.
☛ Whenever possible, have your car towed also to your home or a repair shop of your choice to avoid storage fees and other fees. According to Allstate, scam artists may in fact take the car to an impound lot, and not a repair shop, resulting in high storage fees.
☛ Make sure you take delivery of a printed price list that includes daily storage fees and various charges as well as printed documentation of where the car will be towed. And make sure you sign below the dollar amount quoted, not of necessity the bottom of the document.

Why? Some tow truck drivers may encourage the driver to sign the bottom of an agreement without a finishing towing price and back fill the invoice with miscellaneous fees and charges.


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  2. It makes sense to try and have your car towed either directly to your house or to a repair shop. If I need to have my vehicle towed because it's damaged or quit working, then I won't want to pay extra for storage or other fees. I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever need to call a towing company if the future.

  3. This was a great post about how to avoid a towing scam. I never want to be caught in that situation so I am glad I found this information. The tip about making sure the certification and signs on the truck are consistent seems like a good idea. I will have to keep that in mind.
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