Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Increased in towing and related services fees

Services Fees for city towing and other related wreckers just got more luxurious for residents, in a move that more closely mirrors Killeen’s towing fee increases.

Copperas Cove City Council meeting, Mike Heintzelman, deputy chief of police, told council members the wrecker services on the city’s rotation list complained that increased fees from the Texas Department of license and Regulations made doing business at present rates difficult.

The Copperas Cove Police Department uses seven wrecker businesses to assist with accident cleanups, elimination vehicles due to arrest, and for parking violation and other circumstances necessary by police.

Code of Ordinances Sec. 19-66 controls the maximum fees wrecker services can charge, and that has not changed for close to a decade. The more costs to businesses come from having to cover costs related to increase operational licenses, training costs, drug testing and other staff-related fixed cost.

The wrecking tow service industry has undergone major changes, Heitzelman said. Will look just like what the city of Killeen approved 2 months ago. Some towing companies there, too, had to adjust rates to keep up.

Phil Egbert, owner of Phil’s Paint and Body, said most people do not understand what wrecker drivers had to face when on a service call.

Sometimes we face angry or drunk customers and we have to call the cops for help. It’s not always easy. And all those new fees, they add up. Even my office staff is now requisite to be licensed and they’ are not even driving.

Killeen’s new city ordinance increase basic tow fees to $150 and adds a $50 flat-bed fee.
The Copperas Cove council unanimously approved a similar schedule where towing services for collision and no collisions reasons are now $150.

The hourly fee extra to other charges after the first hour of service is now $80; using a dolly or flatbed will cost $50, and for up righting a vehicle, it will cost $50. Mileage fees jumped from $2 to $3 per mile.


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