Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mid-Iowa wins towing service added new contract

A new towing company will be responding whenever Fort Dodge police officers need a vehicle haul away.
The City Council on Monday hired Mid-Iowa Towing, of Fort Dodge, to give that service for the next 2 years. That company will replace Ponderosa Towing, of Fort Dodge, which has provided that service for about 20 years under a series of contracts with the city.

The current 2-year contract expires this year. After receiving proposals from both companies, Police Department leaders gave each one a numerical grade based on contractual service costs, towing tackle and capability, freelancer everyday jobs, storage services and abandoned vehicle disposal method. Mid-Iowa Towing received a score of 90, while Ponderosa Towing received a score of 85.

However, Police Chief Tim Carmody recommended that Ponderosa Towing receive a new 2-year contract based in part on the city's long record with that company. That advice came before the council on Feb. 24, but the elected officials took no action at that time.

Councilmen Dave Flattery and Jeffrey Halter both said that Mid-Iowa Towing received a higher numerical score than Ponderosa Towing. Halter added that the fees of Mid-Iowa Towing are in many cases lower than those of Ponderosa Towing. 

Those prices are paid by the owners of the vehicles that are towed. Councilman Terry Moehnke prepared a multi-page detailed summary of all towing companies’ fees, which shows the differences in prices.

The cost of towing a drive vehicle is one area in which the companies differ.

Mid-Iowa Towing will charge $40 for that job. Ponderosa Towing would charge $65

This includes a $40 Basic towing fee and $25For the use of dollies needed to lift one set of the vehicle's wheels off the ground.


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